Our (virtual) Spring Break Scotland-Ireland-London Trip

Scotland, Ireland and London, Oh my!

     We began our trip this morning, on March 26, 2012,  when we normally start school. We rubbed the dirt from our sleepy eyes and headed down the stairs to begin our 1 week vacation to Scotland, Ireland, and London. Suitcases filled, activity bags filled, and anticipation at it’s all time high! We waited all year for this day and now it is finally here. After eating a good breakfast to carry us through the morning, we cleaned up the kitchen and got ready to go.

    As we piled in front of the computer and decided to get underway, we did a thorough check of all things needed for our trip.  Tickets, check! Boarding Pass, Check! Internet, check! Imagination, check! Craft Supplies, check! Snacks, check! and, as they say, “We are off!” Finally! The next stop;  Portland International Airport to get on our flight to London City. Whoo hoo! Stay tuned… More to come...


Duct tape contraptions!

Duct tape is amazing. I have found my new crafting buddy. It comes in so many new colors that there is no end to it’s goodness. It truly is the 8th wonder of the world. lol Recently, while surfing Pinterest, I came across a website that showed a pattern for a duct tape wallet for a man/young man. It looked complicated. I am pleased to report that it took 2x longer the first time and got faster on the third one.  None of them took longer than 2 hours…and if I recall the last one I made took only 45 min. Not bad for making your own fashion wallet and statement. My next duct tape project will be a purse…That should be a hoot! Take as long as you like to look at these. If you have any questions just leave me a comment and I will answer them as fast as I can. I hope you have as much fun with my new friend as I did. 🙂 Happy Creating!

These are the wallets I made for three of my four children for Valentine’s Day. It was a blast and a huge success with them as well… they haven’t put them down all day.  Yay, mom!  I love it when I get to play the hero at home. 🙂 Enjoy.


She is to be your helpmeet…

It was January. The month of January is crazy for me. My husband’s birthday, two of my four children have birthdays 10 days apart from each other, on  each side of dad on the calendar. The middle of the month is my parents anniversary…and it goes down from there. Having a bigger Christmas than normal I felt it important to crunch numbers and see what I could do for these special days that would have lasting memories while not leaving me cash parched. 🙂  I found http://www.Pinterest.com through posts on http://www.FaceBook.com which led to all kinds of craftiness and cool stuff. As I perused page after page and post after post, I stumbled upon http://www.thedatingdivas.com. They had a vast collection of fun and romantic while practical, ideas for husbands. I was also able to take some of their ideas and amend them to fit gifts to my boys as well. A gift for the happy couple and for at least a week I could breathe easy. I was delighted that almost everything needed for the projects I had on hand. Yay! I started with 7 days of love. I am not that sentimental or gushy..although I am affectionate. I changed it a bit to reflect more of us and less of the ladies on the website, who by the way, are amazing and very gifted. I took the notes and instead of love being the sole focus I turned it into an everyday thing with words of encouragement, scriptures, sayings, humor, thoughts, appreciations. I have enjoyed seeing my husbands delight on a daily basis and he enjoys bringing my the pill bin every week to refill. He has gotten so used to it that he is now telling me which candy he prefers to start or end his day on. Thank you ladies f all your help, and for those of you reading I hope you enjoy these posts. If you ever need more information that I have not included please email or comment so I can get you whatever you need. Have a great time and thank you for stopping in and spending time with us.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day

 When people I know talk about Valentine’s day being a commercialization I have to agree. The hype with all the red and candy and roses. Then, when you know the Story of St. Valentine and what he did, you have to find a new perspective much like with the commercialization of Christmas vs the birth of our Savior, Jesus.  All year long people fight, yet on Christmas people put away their anger and come together. Pretty much any major holiday has this story behind it. We don’t celebrate one day a year to do what is right. We have one day a year to remind us how we WANT to act all year long. A lot like a birthday. We celebrate our birth yet we did nothing…it was all our parents who did the task of bringing us into the world.  Perspective is everything. Instead of seeing where we come short…why not see it as how close we came…then to have a new start fresh each year, to have a new goal, a newer refreshed purpose…and a day to help us to never forget…just like 9-11…History can show so many things that help us…memorials…The history of St. Valentine is an amazing story as well.  So if you don’t like the commercialization of a holiday, set new traditions and invite new people to get involved and educated. That is when you will really effect change for the better forever. 🙂

Here is a great blog that shares his story in a way easy for kids to understand. http://www.just4kidsmagazine.com/stvalentine.html

Activities that we did:

Built boxes for Valentine’s card:

I applaud my kids creativity and unique styles. This was such a fun project we did by using stuff from around the house and just started with on thing and built on the theme chosen and it was a such a blast!  I hope you enjoy these. 🙂

Welcome to Sleuths and Scholars

Welcome to Sleuths and Scholars!

We are so in love with Jesus! We want to do all things well by doing them wholeheartedly for His glory and our benefit.  We so hope you enjoy hanging out with us for as long as you can. We want to be faithful in all things.

We are 5 family members who enjoy  each other and have become addicted to creativity. I am the mom and also the overseer of this project within a project. The other four members are my children. We are a home-school family that learns everything about something and something about everything. Thus the name, Sleuths and Scholars. My boys, and there are 3 of them, range from 13 down to 8 with my daughter stuck in there somewhere hanging onto her first double digit year at 10! We are extremely curious about a good deal of things. We thank God that He gave knowledge to someone to make Pinterest. (lol)

Whew, starting a brand new blog can be both exciting and exhausting. Our purpose in launching this blog was to post any craft, DIY, or miscellaneous project that we did off of the web or some other resource that we enjoyed or that we think you will enjoy. We also wanted to give our children an outlet to talk about projects they enjoy, use this blog to learn how to give correct instructions, and how to receive feedback from outside. We are so excited. We have started and finished quite a few projects and as I have time to finish design on this new blog we will post for you all to be part of.  Thank you for visiting our blog. Please don’t leave before leaving a comment to help us make your blog experience a fun and informative one. We will discuss many different topics as we learn about them in our class time, set out questions for you, the reader, to answer to gather data for reports they are involved in, and as holidays come and go we will post DIY’s and fun items that we have found that we enjoy, any changes we apply and the results so you can have as much information as possible to make the project that much more fun.

We love to cook. We will include our very own recipes. We will post the original recipe along with any changes in a separate recipe. We love to take things that others make or do and make it our own. We encourage you to drop off any project that you want us to try or recipe you want us to cook and we will post the results. We would love to link up with any number of DIY projects. Projects that we enjoy and do frequently are items like; crocheting, sewing, scrapbooking, building outdoor/indoor items, organizational, painting projects, and the list goes on and on… We love doing projects both outdoors and indoors. We look forward to being part of the creative side of the cyber world and welcome you once again to our blog.

Sleuths and Scholars

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